Wood flooring is the quiet scene-stealer of any interior. Stagecoach Steam Cleaning delivers the expert care these surfaces need to look beautiful every day of the year. Whether you need an annual cleaning or a deep refinishing treatment, our team has a solution.

Invest in a Strong Foundation with Wood Floor Cleaning

With the right care, your wood flooring will create a foundation of curb appeal for your interior. Our team provides the expert care your surface needs for success. With certified expertise and industry-leading products to guide our service, we make “exceptional” the standard of great service. Every hardwood floor cleaning service includes:

  • Customized service that addresses the unique needs of your wood surface. Every type of wood is unique - and we take this into account before we kick off any project.
  • Deep cleaning that removes dirt, dust, and other deeply embedded grime. With our rotary cleaning system, there’s virtually no eyesore we can’t remove.
  • Hand detailing to ensure that every corner of your wood flooring receives the tailored care it deserves.

Revive Your Interior With Wood Floor Refinishing

If you’ve been considering whether it’s time to invest in a wood floor replacement project, take a pause! Typically, you don’t need to get a new floor - you just need to invest in a refinishing project. Our team delivers with a professional service that will:

  • Strip your wood to remove old finish, so you have the perfect canvas for a “like new” floor.
  • Finish the surface with a coating that looks beautiful and protects your flooring from wear and tear. We’ll help you choose from a range of water-based finishes for a custom look.
  • Polish the flooring so it shines bright and beautiful - and maintains that aesthetic long after we leave your property.

With wood floor cleaning and refinishing, you’re investing in a strong interior from the bottom up. Reach out today to explore a custom solution for your flooring!