Carpet Cleaning

Your carpeting should make your interior feel like home - and not make you cringe.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always so simple. When foot traffic is the norm and wear and tear is inevitable, it only makes sense that your carpeting will suffer.

But our team is here to help. With our carpet cleaning service, you can tread with confidence and feel secure that your interior is getting complete care.

The Stagecoach Carpet Cleaning Difference

There’s the carpet cleaner you rent from your local home improvement store… and then there’s our professional service. The latter gives your home a whole new host of benefits, and it’s our job to deliver each one to you. When you choose Stagecoach Steam Cleaning, you’re getting:

  • Complete debris extraction
    Our carpet cleaning technology is ideally suited to extract virtually all buildup from your carpet fibers, from dirt to dust mites.
  • Breathe-easy results
    We remove most of the contaminants that contribute to breathing issues. You carpet isn’t just clean - it’s safe.
  • Efficient service
    Our steam cleaning system delivers superior cleaning power. And with a dry time of less than two hours, you’ll be back on track in no time.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We use a truck-mounted steam cleaning system to restore your carpets. This process is tailored to the unique qualities that make up residential carpeting - and the deep extraction method is primed to deliver the deep clean your interior needs. We offer:

  • Truck mounted equipment that is convenient, powerful, and efficient
  • Pre-spray treatment that is tailored to the unique needs of your carpet
  • Hot water extraction that delivers the deep clean your carpeting deserves
  • Rotary scrubbing that pulls up deeply rooted sediment for a complete clean
  • A 230-degree rinse that will leave your carpet soft and clean

Your carpeting should inspire comfort - not a grimace. With Stagecoach Steam Cleaning, your feet will be happy, your interior decor will be on point, and your investment will be well protected.